A custom-made, color matching aluminum canopy for the Babalu Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama.

Custom Commercial Aluminum Canopies

A custom-designed, overhead supported canopy from Tennessee Valley Metals provides high-quality, attractive protection from the elements needed for entrances, loading docks, exit doors, and much more.

Are you considering adding an architectural canopy to your property? Or perhaps designing a new development and suspect metal awnings would add value to your construction project?

Tennessee Valley Metals is a dependable, established company that specializes in creating world-class commercial awnings from extruded aluminum. Available in a range of designs, architectural canopies can greatly enhance the look of a building’s exterior and provide a range of functional benefits.

Why Opt for Custom Commercial Aluminum Canopies?

There are several reasons why extruded aluminum canopies might be a good choice for your project. Some of these include:

Adding Value to Your Property

Beautifully made commercial awnings provide an attractive addition to the exterior of a building. A custom-designed metal canopy can be tailored to the look you want to achieve, whether that’s a striking exterior that stands out or a welcoming look that encourages people to enter the building. We create stunning architectural canopies, finding a design that’s right for your requirements.

Weather Protection

A canopy can protect clients or employees entering or leaving the building from rain and sun. It also protects employees working outside in loading bays or similar environments. If a business has lines that frequently form outside, a canopy can protect waiting individuals from the elements.

It’s not just clients waiting outside who benefit from a canopy. Employees working adjacent to windows will also appreciate the protection architectural canopies provide. Note that custom canopies reduce the amount of UV light that enters the building through windows located beneath it. This reduces the amount of damaging sun radiation that reaches people or merchandise near the windows.

Creating Extra Space

In addition to providing a suitable space for waiting individuals, the area under an aluminum canopy can also be used as a seating area. This can serve several useful purposes depending on the nature of the development.

Types of Canopies

TVM can design an array of different metal canopy options for business use depending on customer requirements. The style options we provide most frequently include hanger rods, support arms, and bracket options.

All our canopy systems are made from extruded aluminum. Over the years, we’ve found that aluminum provides the durability needed for a canopy project while at the same time being lightweight and easy to work with.

Canopy Construction

We use 6063 extruded aluminum for our canopies. The canopy is heated to a T-6 temper. We offer a selection of drainage options depending on requirements.

AMMA 2063, 2064, and 2065 are available.

Why Use TVM for Your Custom Canopies?

Tennessee Valley Metals provides quality solutions for architects, industry construction firms, and other commercial developers needing a durable installation made from robust materials.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the canopy construction business, we understand the importance of not only creating a premium metal canopy but also offering a high level of customer care.

Tough, Durable Product

TVM takes several steps to make sure our work adds value to your project. We ensure that the design we offer is right for your project. We also use materials such as steel and extruded aluminum that offer durable solutions, allowing for a smooth and fast installation.

Commercial Awnings Delivered to Your Site, Ready to Install

We can work from architect drawings, using styles that reflect the overall design of the building. Our canopy systems arrive on site pre-welded, which makes installation as simple as possible.

Top-Notch Customer Care

We understand how important it is that you receive quality products on time and within the agreed budget. TVM has an excellent reputation for working successfully with architects, developers, and contractors to ensure your finished project exceeds expectations.


No matter what your project may be, we offer a solution. Tennessee Valley Metals provides the quality products needed to enhance your development, all while being dependable and punctual and working within your budget.

Contact our team to discuss your canopy requirements in more detail.

We look forward to making your architect’s drawings come to life. Please reach out to us by contacting our team at 800-551-2579 to get started on the installation for your project!