A custom-made, color matching aluminum canopy for the Babalu Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama.

Aluminum Canopies

A custom-designed, overhead supported canopy from Tennessee Valley Metals provides high-quality, attractive protection from the elements needed for entrances, loading docks, exit doors, and much more.

Our design team professionals help create the perfect overhead canopy system to meet your needs and enhance your building project. Using highly durable extruded aluminum, we offer a variety of support arm, hanger rod, and bracket options. Each of our custom canopy products comes pre-welded, which ensures that you’ll benefit from lasting strength and durability. We also offer a variety of appealing color selections based on location and durability requirements.

Canopy systems protect you, your employees, and your patrons and visitors from the elements. TVM architectural canopies are the support structure and design feature you’re missing.

How Our Custom Canopies Benefit Your Business

Because of their dual style and function properties, architectural canopies solve a range of problems. Aluminum overhead canopies are perfect for large office buildings, schools, restaurants, recreation centers, churches, etc. 

Unmatched Protection

Because of how effectively aluminum canopies can block light, you get twofold benefits: protecting your people and your property from the elements. Over time, sunlight can cause damage to your furniture, flooring, wall details and decorations, and any other building enhancement subject to sun fading. Not to mention, any of your employees or customers who are subject to the sun in your space would surely appreciate respite in the form of a protective metal canopy. And in addition to protecting your space from the sun, a canopy has the ability to reduce the elements that anyone tracks into your building thanks to our use of high-quality materials and rigorous installation.

Our overhead supported canopies also provide protective cover without the need for columns or foundations. Architectural canopies are truly a comprehensive solution.

Improved Space

By offering increased protection and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your building simultaneously, you’ve created a design that people will notice. If you’re a restaurant, creating an outdoor space that patrons can enjoy during pleasant weather enhances their experience. For an office building, a metal canopy creates an outdoor space that employees will enjoy, improving their experience with the company.

Architectural canopies make a storefront pop. If your building or new building project involves a business that’s situated among a bunch to choose from, you want to be sure that you’re the one chosen. And if your business has more than one location, use eye-catching designs to create a sense of cohesion across all your storefronts. Just like our commercial awnings, each architectural canopy is made with utmost meticulousness and high-quality materials, ensuring that your site looks beautiful while still being rigid.

Take a look at a few of our featured Case Studies to see what we’re talking about!

Our Metal Canopy Specifications

  • Constructed using 6063 alloy-extruded aluminum
  • Heat treated to T-6 temper
  • Designed to drain water directly from canopy fascia and can be diverted by a scupper plate or into a downspout and discharged at ground level
  • AAMA 2603, 2604, and 2605 styles available

We choose to use 6063 alloy-extruded aluminum for our architectural canopies because it allows us more control over the shapes and designs we use while providing smooth surfaces and solid strength—making it ideal for overhead aluminum canopy systems.

Our team also offers curved and pitched design options in multiple lengths and widths to give you more options for your project. We would be happy to collaborate with architects of your preference in order to craft solutions that are unique to your site and needs.

Get Metal Canopies and Commercial Awnings for Your Business

The right aluminum canopy system for your project requires special care and custom design from a trusted provider. We provide custom canopies that are tailored to your needs. We provide custom options for multiple products besides commercial canopies, such as metal awnings, steel sunshades, and more.

At Tennessee Valley Metals, we pride ourselves on quality customer service and our ability to deliver the best canopies. We’ve been in this industry for years and building a relationship with our customers is our top priority. We are only satisfied when clients are satisfied.

We look forward to making your architect’s drawings come to life. Please reach out to us by contacting our team at 800-551-2579 to get started on the installation for your project!