Custom Commercial Aluminum Canopies

Custom-designed, overhead-supported aluminum canopies from Tennessee Valley Metals provide high-quality, attractive protection from the elements as needed for entrances, loading docks, exit doors, and much more.

Are you considering adding an architectural canopy to your property? Or perhaps designing a new development and suspect metal awnings would add value to your construction project?

Tennessee Valley Metals is a dependable, established company that specializes in creating world-class custom commercial aluminum canopies. Available in a range of designs, architectural canopies can greatly enhance the look of a building’s exterior and provide a range of functional benefits.

Tennessee Valley Metals’ solutions include architectural canopies designed to maximize efficiency in entryways and loading docks, and custom awning designs to boost the architectural appeal of your project. The architectural canopies from Tennessee Valley Metals feature custom awning designs to enhance the architectural appearance of the project.

Styles of Rod Supported Canopies

TVM can design an array of different extruded aluminum canopy systems for business use depending on customer requirements. The style options we provide most frequently include hanger rods, support arms, and bracket options.

All our canopy systems are made from extruded aluminum. Over the years, we’ve found that aluminum provides the durability needed for a canopy project while at the same time being lightweight and easy to work with.


Benefits of Rod Supported Canopies

When going to commercial buildings, such as schools, churches, hotels, offices, or any other commercial properties, the open pathways can benefit from engineered walkway covers. There are several benefits to keep in mind when choosing to add a canopy or canopies to your project.

Cost Savings

Business owners spend considerable amounts of money on heating and cooling solutions for the workplace. Adding canopies, whether it is a hanger rod canopy or a suspended canopy system, helps to protect your entryways from extreme weather, and helps to keep the internal temperature unaffected.

Attractive Addition

The installation of an architectural walkway adds class to your structure. Along with adding to the aesthetic design of the building, canopies help to keep pathways clear from falling leaves and other debris

Protection from the Elements

One of the most important things that a canopy can provide is protection from the elements, providing the safety of the walkway cover system, regardless of the weather they are facing. Covered walkways and architectural canopies can help your employees and customers stay dry and provide shade in the summer.

Rod Supported Canopies (2000 Series)

Series 2100 - Flat

A traditional, standard canopy that is customizable to fit the needs and specifications of your specific project. A flat canopy from Tennessee Valley Metals provides both protection from the elements, as well as a classic aesthetic appeal.

Series 2200 - Cantilevered

A cantilevered design for your rod supported canopy utilizes hidden struts rather than the traditional support rod system for the canopy. In this design, the canopy cantilevers out from the building, which allows for space on the wall above for signage and creates a unique look for your building.

a special place to shop Series 2300 - Curved

Adding a curved or segmented canopy creates a unique look by matching the layout of the sidewalk or building shape in the area in which the canopy is being installed or simply taking on a specified radius.

Series 2400 - Arched (Barrel)

When adding an aluminum canopy to your space, an arched-barrel style canopy is developed with a half-barrel look to allow for adequate width coverage, while also allowing for more vertical space under the canopy.

Series 2000c - Custom Design

If the previously discussed designs for rod supported canopies do not suit the architectural designs to compliment your project, there is an option for having the team at Tennessee Valley Metals create a custom profile that suits your design project.

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Tennessee Valley Metals offer continued durability, regardless of the style chosen for the project, that will fit seamlessly into the project that you are working to complete. The custom profiles that can be created by the professionals of Tennessee Valley Metals work to create an engineered design that is both functional and appealing way. Contact Tennessee Valley Metals to see how we can help you build the rod-supported canopy that is the perfect complement to your project.

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