Commercial Aluminum Canopies and Awnings in Tennessee

Building and property owners understand the value of aluminum awnings. Unlike canvas or wood alternatives, these shelters require minimal maintenance. Moreover, they can withstand harsh conditions, and their reflective properties cool your space during hot weather. 

Tennesse Valley Metals (TVM) has your needs covered for all types of aluminum canopies, awnings, and more. Today, we’re among the industry’s leading custom metal awnings and canopies manufacturers, having earned our reputation by putting our customers’ needs first.

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Our Products

Businesses have unique needs, so we guarantee comprehensive service and custom products that fit your preferred design and style. We craft everything to order and are here to guide you throughout the design and installation process. Our quality products make us a premier Tennessee awning company.

We specialize in:

Custom Aluminum Canopy Systems

Do you want to add value to your architectural design with metal awnings? We have you covered—no pun intended. Our veteran experts have everything it takes to enhance your exterior or entryway. Our custom aluminum canopies include these designs:

  • Flat: Discuss your project specifications with us so we can design this classic canopy style to your preference.
  • Cantilevered: Our Tennessee canopy experts can include concealed struts on your canopy. This design extends your shade outward and creates a larger signage space than the traditional rod-supported structure. 
  • Curved: Trust us to complement your building or sidewalk with a curved canopy. We can customize it to meet your needs and appeal.
  • Arched Barrel: This design looks like a half-barrel since it maximizes the vertical space and width.
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Custom Walkway Covers

We can design a fitting walkway cover for any pavement shape or length. Of course, we’ll base the design and installation process on your preferences and site-specific calculations. Our walkway cover designs include flat, curved/segmented, cantilevered, arched/barrel, gabled, and custom. Tennessee Valley Metals offers these walkway covers (broadly categorized):

  • Freestanding Covers: Shelter pedestrians on your property with our freestanding walkway covers. These versatile shelters limit exposure to the elements and enhance exterior appeal. They’re perfect for door or window openings and wide areas.
  • Wall-Mounted Covers: Because these covers don’t have support posts, they can be installed in crowded outdoor spaces to maximize the space underneath.

Custom Awnings 

Canopies and awnings aren’t just about providing shelter. You can order custom designs to make your organization more recognizable. Our experts accommodate businesses, educational institutions, churches, hotels, and more.

Custom Architectural Sunshades

Sunshades typically add an extra dimension to building surfaces. However, our products go beyond this by maximizing sustainability and efficiency. We prioritize glare control and quality materials in our constructions. Our shades are among the most sustainable options since they’re recyclable and have a longer service life. Most of our shades also feature aluminum because it’s lightweight and rustproof.

Custom Trellis 

This structure typically features evenly spaced panels. It is long-lasting with minimal upkeep. We recommend trellises and trellis structures for commercial settings and high-end residential properties. This design offers many opportunities for creativity and adaptation.

Why Choose Tennessee Valley Metals 

Tennessee Valley Metals is a premier metal shelter manufacturer. We pursue integrity in each and every project and follow strict industry standards from product design to delivery.

  • Proven Track Record
    Clients throughout Tennessee have used our canopies for over three decades. We’ve partnered with all types of clients, from schools to restaurants. When you work with us, you work with the best.
  • Multiple Finishes
    Our aluminum canopies and Tennessee awnings come in diverse styles, colors, and finishes (including wood grain). You can pick a style that fits your brand or works within your preferences.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance
    Building and property owners adore our custom commercial awnings for their easy maintenance. Cleaning doesn’t require special materials, procedures, or protocols.
  • Energy Efficiency
    We design our canopies, covers, and awnings to minimize energy consumption. These structures absorb most of the sun’s heat, which helps to reduce energy costs for a building or structure.
  • Durable Materials
    High-grade aluminum helps our structures stand the test of time. Our solid standing seam awnings can withstand harsh weather conditions like hurricanes and snow. Very few materials can deliver the same efficiency for that amount of time.
  • Responsive Customer Service
    We help make the process seamless, from design to installation. We’re available to you and your team if you have questions or need project updates.
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Enhance Your Church, School, or Business in Tennessee

We have a broad clientele. We’ve helped schools, hotels, restaurants, churches, businesses, and more. For these clients, we’ve installed walkway covers, canopies, sunshades, awnings, and trellises. No matter the structure for entryway or exterior, we can help you with your unique needs.

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Tennessee Valley Metals has served customers for over thirty years. We’re a trusted Tennessee awnings company. Need a quote? Contact us today to start your next project for commercial canopies and awnings in Tennessee.

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