Custom Commercial Awnings

Custom aluminum awnings provide shelter as well as an attractive and low-maintenance front to a building, which is why they’re a popular choice for designers and building owners.

At Tennessee Valley Metals, we have worked hand in hand with architects and contractors to provide custom commercial aluminum awnings and canopy systems since 1993. All custom awnings, canopies, sunshades, and walkway covers at Tennessee Valley Metals offer our customers attractive, durable, and low-maintenance solutions for providing shade, blocking rainfall, and protection from direct sunlight and the elements.

Our custom metal awnings and canopies are made with the highest grade aluminum material so that your building can stand the test of time. Our commercial awnings feature an architectural standing-seam panel with a high-performance paint finish. Unlike traditional companies, we can customize awning designs to create the perfect fit around your windows and doors, no matter the shape of your building.

Styles of Awnings

When developing custom awnings and canopies for our customers, the team members and experienced designers at Tennessee Valley Metals strive for a better experience and excellent customer service for all of our projects.


  • Standard
  • Standard with Soffit
  • Custom

Awning Specifications

All of TVM’s products, including awnings and canopies, are custom-made. However, all of our custom awnings and canopies are made from quality materials and come with:

  • Standard 2” welded extruded aluminum frames
  • Powder coated frames (unless otherwise specified)
  • Continuous interlock for enhanced structural performance and wind resistance
  • .032 – .062 aluminum flashing
  • Extended warranties on roof panel paint finish
  • Extensive use, including over windows, patios, doors, and more
  • 20+ standing seam colors available

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Benefits of Custom Commercial Aluminum Awnings

TVM custom standing-seam awnings provide a durable and low-maintenance solution to block sunlight and rain—and protect against heavy snow loads and other climate/weather patterns as necessary.

Increased Durability & Quality

At Tennessee Valley Metals, we pride ourselves on awning solutions that are high-quality and durable. Each of the awnings that are installed by Tennessee Valley Metals is virtually maintenance-free, which helps to make the decision to install aluminum door and window awnings that much easier.

Energy Efficiency

Custom-made aluminum awnings and canopies are a greener alternative to other materials due to the ability of those materials to be recycled or reclaimed. The installation of aluminum awnings may also help a business acquire LEED accreditation depending on local ordinances.

Lasting Style & Customizable Solutions

Adding custom aluminum awnings to your buildings allows for stylish accent points, and improves the entire facade of the business. The shade of a custom canopy or awning makes your business feel more welcoming, leading to more customers and accelerating the growth of your business in a very simple way.

Why Tennessee Valley Metals

Tennessee Valley Metals has 30+ years experience with aluminum canopy systems. We are now among the industry’s leading aluminum canopy manufacturers.

We are equipped to handle all aspects in the design and engineering of custom aluminum overhead canopies, walkway covers, sunshades, and awnings. We can help meet most architectural budgets and needs with our extensive variety of products.

Awnings (3000 Series)

Series 3100 - Standard (Sides Optional)

Our standard awnings come in a wide variety of options guaranteed to protect you from the elements.

Series 3200 - Standard with Soffit

TVM can also provide our standard awning options with soffit.

Series 3000c - Custom Design

If our standard options don't meet your specific architectural needs, the TVM team can work with you to create a custom option.

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At Tennessee Valley Metals, we strive to provide excellent customer service, from the first free consultation about your project through the final installation of your aluminum awnings for your windows and doors. Our team will work with you to design all of the specifications and features to make sure that all parts of the design fit with your vision for the business.

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