Our custom-built trellises add a unique addition to your outdoor space in a style that fits your commercial building or business. Each structure can be created in wood or metal design that allows exposure to sunlight and can increase the plants that are available in your space.

The addition of a trellis can be the final design element that will bring together the different elements of your outdoor space. When you contact Tennessee Valley Metals for a custom-built trellis, we will stand by you through the entire process, from the initial design to the final installation.

Along with adding a trellis as a design element to your space, a trellis can be used as a stylish privacy wall, act as a living fence, and even help to train and support the plants of that space. A trellis also allows for the design of the plants to be vertical, which is particularly appealing when developing a small space.

Trellis Designs

At Tennessee Valley Metals, we specialize in using high-quality aluminum for trellises that is guaranteed to last and is low maintenance for the life of the installation.

Traditionally the design of a trellis consists of several panels that are equally spaced to create a design. These panels can be used to develop an arched trellis, a wrap-around trellis, or a corner that goes from the ground up. There are very few limitations to the design of a trellis, meaning that the design can be developed with inspiration and imagination for your particular space.

Building a trellis against a wall can create a beautiful garden effect while maintaining space in the area. Whether adding a trellis to the wall for a vertical garden of flowers or vegetables or adding a trellis as a barrier between specific areas, Tennessee Valley Metals uses high-quality materials to ensure that your trellis lasts, maintenance is easy, and like all of our products, we offer a guarantee on all work that we complete with your trellis project.


  • Rod Supported
  • Column Supported
  • Custom Design

Benefits of Trellises

As opposed to an awning or canopy, a trellis can help build the desired barrier of access to a space while allowing for more exposure to sunlight. A trellis can also lead to increased air circulation in that area, help to deter insects and pests in your garden space, train vines growing in that space, or build a garden in the space while maintaining functionality.

Trellis (5000 Series)

Series 5100 - Rod Supported

Add a unique design element next to your building with a TVM rod-supported trellis. A rod-supported trellis makes use of free space around your building while adding to the overall look of the facility. Several rod and support options are available.

Series 5200 - Column Supported

Our column supported trellis system is perfect for covering outdoor gathering spaces that are connected to a structure or freestanding.

Series 5000c - Custom Design

There are a countless number of ways that we can design your trellis to give your outdoor area a unique look. Not only can we help with your custom idea, we offer several finish options from high-perfomance paint, anodized and custom finishes such as wood-grain or metallic.

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At Tennessee Valley Metals, we will work with you from design to installation to ensure that your trellis fits well into the space for both increasing aesthetic appeal and maintaining functionality. We use high-quality materials in the development of the frames for each project.

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