Aluminum Sunshades

Our custom-designed architectural sunshades are a great way to reduce energy costs and provide aesthetic appeal for your next project. Sunshades are also low-maintenance and a cost-efficient way to keep your building cool, which has the added benefit of lowering energy costs.

No one likes being exposed to the elements unexpectedly. And when dining or relaxing inside or outside, patrons want protection from solar heat and light. Sunshades produced by Tennessee Valley Metals are manufactured to your unique specifications using industry best practices and the highest quality materials.

Benefits of Aluminum Sunshades from TVM

As an alternative to heftier awnings and canopies, sunshades are an energy efficient solution that dissipate solar radiation and ultraviolet rays while enhancing natural daylight. And when choosing aluminum sunshades, the benefits are vast.

Climate Controlling

Our sunshades reduce summer heat, which also helps reduce energy costs – especially since they are LEED-friendly. They accomplish this by redirecting and deflecting sunlight, which reduces the effects of the outside heat. Beyond saving you money on your energy bills, the climate controlling features of sun controls can even boost employee productivity by improving their work environment. We use extruded aluminum materials to mold perfectly to your building, so we can be sure that any summer heat gain is neutralized by the positioning and design of the structure.


Today’s wide-reaching environmental concerns have a huge impact on new building construction, renovation, and design on the whole. Aluminum sunshades meet strict sustainability standards by enhancing a building’s energy efficiency. Compared to their counterparts, they’re lighter-weight, lower maintenance, and provide cost saving benefits by preventing solar heat from affecting a building’s interior temperature.

Not only that, an aluminum sunshade can reduce overall construction and decorating costs by eliminating the need for costly window treatments like drapes and blinds. They are 100% recyclable, feature super-durable paint finishes, and are sleek and aesthetically pleasing.


Our sunshades are designed to be as low maintenance as possible, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Unlike awnings and canopies that can collect debris and need to be cleaned, aluminum sun shades by design pose less of those problems.

We offer several design options using a variety of blade shapes, blade spacing, blade profiles, and trim profiles. Our sunshades also feature a broad range of mounting and color options for your building, using powder coat finishes to achieve the perfect look. Check out our sunshade brochure for more details.

Get Aluminum Sunshades Today

At TVM, we pride ourselves on our product quality and customer service. Since 1993, we have helped countless customers obtain the sunshades they need for their businesses. We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied, and we’re always striving to deliver better products and customer experiences.

Contact us  to talk about aluminum sunshades for your business or project. We offer stock lengths as well as custom products, so we’ll discuss your needs and specifications and give you a quote for the design we think will work best. Call now: 800-551-2579