Commercial Aluminum Sunshades

Our custom-designed architectural sunshades are a great way to reduce energy costs and provide aesthetic appeal for your next project. Commercial aluminum sunshades are also low-maintenance and a cost-efficient way to keep your building cool, which has the added benefit of reducing energy costs.

Make your building energy efficient with architectural aluminum sunshades from Tennessee Valley Metals!

Tennessee Valley Metals is a leading manufacturer of canopy systems for your project. We specialize in high-quality custom aluminum sunshades, walkways, awnings, and canopies for commercial buildings. We custom design architecturally superior sunshades to fit your budget.

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Aluminum Sunshade Styles

TVM offers custom-designed and manufactured sunshades with intricate patterns and sleek structures. Our signature style of creativity ensures smooth installation and achieves the best curb appeal and energy savings.

Our team will take care of your sun control needs from design to installation. We ensure all your specifications are met and the final product is an exact match to the drawing.

Styles & Types

  • Rod Supported
  • Cantilevered
  • Column Supported
  • Custom Design

Major Sunshade Components & Specs

  • Standard 2″ tubular rods or rod and clevis combination
  • .032″ aluminum flashing
  • Aluminum gutter or tubing fascia
  • Extruded aluminum 6063 alloy, heat treated to T-6 temper
  • Extruded aluminum airfoil blades or “Z” louvers (multi-size options)
  • Multi-colored AAMA 2603, 2604, 2605 finishes

Sunshade Canopy Applications

Custom sunshades can frame and protect multiple locations, including:

  • Storefronts
  • Windows
  • Doorways

Why Invest in Custom Aluminum Sunshades?

As a business owner, you want your employees to work in a productive environment. Businesses operating with smaller budgets want to save on energy costs. Restaurant owners focus on creating a stunning ambiance for their customers. Architects and construction contractors aim to build commercial spaces of architectural excellence

Aluminum sunshades are the perfect solution to all these concerns and more.

Benefits of Sunshades for Your Organization

Improved Energy Costs

Our aluminum sunshade canopy offers excellent energy efficiency by redirecting and deflecting sunlight. By reducing direct sun exposure, you could save significantly on energy costs.

Low-Maintenance Use

The aluminum sunshade for windows is simple and yet highly functional. It is lightweight and does not incur high maintenance costs. 

Better Environment for Work & Pleasure

Watch your employees work productively in a well-lit, temperature-optimized environment. Make use of the additional space outside your restaurant or building by adding strong aluminum sunshades. The aluminum sunshade can contribute to the growth of your business in a variety of ways.

Sunshades (4000 Series)

Series 4100 - Rod Supported

Rod supported sunshades provide a smart and economical option to fit in many different types of architectural design. TVM's rod supported sunshades provide many aesthetic possibilities.

Series 4200 - Cantilevered

Our cantilevered sunshade option creates a sleek look in place of a rod supported system. By using this design, the sunshade provides the desired sun protection while blending in to the building lines. As with our other products, the cantilevered aluminum sunshade can be customized to meet the specific needs of your building or business.

Series 4300 - Column Supported

Our column supported sunshade provides protection from the sun while creating a unique look.

Series 4000c - Custom Design

If the above sunshade designs do not suit your needs, there is an option for having the team at Tennessee Valley Metals create a custom profile that suits your design project.

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At Tennessee Valley Metals, we offer custom-designed and manufactured sunshades, with options for intricate patterns and sleek structures. Our team will work with you hand in hand to ensure that all of your specifications are met and the final product is an exact match for the original design that you create with our designers. We take pride in our reliable customer service and ensure prompt delivery for all of our clients. When working with Tennessee Valley Metals, our signature style of creativity ensures smooth installation, enhances the curb appeal of your buildings, and helps to cut costs with energy savings.

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