Custom made, aluminum walkway covers at a school.

Aluminum Walkway Covers

Our extruded aluminum, post-supported walkway cover canopies can provide a custom designed solution for any new or existing project.

There’s nothing worse than walking to and from buildings and being exposed to a hard rain (or sleet and snow in the winter). No one wants to be caught out in the elements, which is why aluminum walkways come in handy.

Our aluminum walkway systems are constructed with a standard, sloped, gabled, or curved architecture style while using high-quality components with unlimited color options. Our walkway covers are extremely durable and are engineered specifically to meet your exact specifications and local building codes.

Extruded aluminum walkway covers not only shield customers and students from sun and inclement weather; they also provide an attractive accent to a business or school’s overall appearance. Our walkway covers are extremely durable and engineered specifically to meet local building codes.

Aluminum Walkway Cover Specifications

  • Constructed using extruded aluminum 6063 alloy
  • Heat treated to T-6 temper for maximum strength
  • Curved and pitched design options in multiple lengths and widths available
  • AAM 2603, 2604, and 2605 finishes available
  • Multiple component and decking options available

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; we’d rather design a custom solution specifically for your unique needs.

Get Aluminum Walkway Cover Canopies Today

Protect your workers, students, visitors, and customers from the elements by constructing aesthetically pleasing and practically functional aluminum walkway cover canopies from Tennessee Valley Metals.

We have been producing covered walkway systems since 1993 and have serviced a wide variety of customers throughout the country. Each time, we have done our best to build strong relationships with our customers, and we have become invested in their success. When they’re happy with the end result, we’re happy. And we want to build a relationship with you.

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