Who We Serve

At Tennessee Valley Metals, we have a proven track record in manufacturing durable aluminum awnings. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to work with different clients over the years, catering to their shade needs in various settings. Take a look at who we serve at TVM.

Get an Aluminum Awning for Your School

We can install aluminum awnings in different parts of your school. For starters, awnings serve as shade structures for various outdoor spaces, from playgrounds to common spaces such as the cafeteria. Besides keeping the sun away, awnings offer protection from rain and other harsh elements. Awnings can also serve as walkway covers to give the school a beautiful, consistent layout.


We’re happy to have completed various projects for churches. If you want to complement your building’s style without losing the original design, we can work around the doors and windows to actualize your aspirations. Apart from providing shade to block harsh elements, the awning enhances visual appeal by creating continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Awnings create a cooling ambiance to make guests feel at home. Because our installations are customizable, you get to choose your preferred colors and styles. 

Business Premises

Different businesses can benefit from our awnings. If you own a retail store, you can install awnings at the entrance to protect your product from sunlight and create a welcoming ambiance. The awning also suits office buildings seeking shade options for their windows. If you operate an industrial warehouse, you can outfit the awning at warehouse loading docks to protect your equipment and workers.

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