Custom Solutions. Premium Service.

As one of the Southeast’s leading manufacturers of long-lasting, high quality aluminum canopy systems, Tennessee Valley Metals, Inc. has over 40 years experience designing and building high quality aluminum canopy systems for small businesses, community institutions, retail businesses, and corporations.

Our diverse product line includes walkway covers, overhead supported canopies, standing seam awnings, and custom aluminum sunshades designed to be structurally sound, withstand the elements, and aesthetically complement your existing or new building construction. We assist in all phases of production from design to installation and have the flexibility to adapt to an array of needs, budgets, and architectural requirements. Our primary goal is 100% customer satisfaction, achieved by providing premium customer service.


Case Study:Northridge Middle School

One of our latest projects was completed for Northridge Middle School in Tuscaloosa, AL. This project featured a three different TVM products – sunshades, overhead supported canopies and walkway covers. Sunshades were installed in multiple lengths on all sides of the building to block the sun and reduce energy costs for the school. The school’s Read More