Commercial Aluminum Canopies and Awnings in Alabama

Make a statement with bold commercial aluminum canopies and awnings from Tennessee Valley Metals (TVM). We create long-lasting, all-metal designs to pique interest and protect from the elements.

Our quality products and services have earned us a place among the industry’s leading canopy and awning companies. We prioritize high-grade components, with our engineering and design teams continually delivering outstanding durability and longevity throughout manufacturing. Our aluminum shelters are a lasting solution that stands the test of time.

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Custom Aluminum Canopy Systems

Our canopy products encompass a range of designs to enhance your building’s exterior and provide functional benefits.

Tennessee Valley Metal’s product line comprises quality canopies to upgrade loading docks and walkways. Our styles include:

Here are our most popular rod-supported canopies (2000 Series):

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Custom Aluminum Walkway Covers

At TVM, we customize our walkway canopies to your needs with personalized product designs and installation processes. Moreover, we conduct site-specific calculations to guarantee perfect-fitting awning canopies.

Freestanding Walkways 

We engineer our commercial canopies in Alabama based on industry-leading calculations and exceptional craftsmanship. Our experts prioritize durability, even with minimal supporting posts.

TVM’s freestanding walkway shelters offer versatile usage, from protecting wide areas to narrow window and door openings.

Wall-Mounted Covers

TVM’s wall-mounted walkway covers require no supporting posts, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and playgrounds. Instead of ground pillars, we securely attach these canopies to surrounding walls to maximize the space below.

Custom Aluminum Awnings

A custom aluminum awning will help amplify your brand and make your business more recognizable. The Tennessee Valley Metals team understands this and offers various products that look great and are built to last. Our aluminum-framed custom fabrication awnings offer exemplary product quality.  

Each TVM awning is custom-made from high-quality materials. Our awnings include:

  • Standard 2-inch welded thrust-out frames
  • .032 to .062 aluminum flashing
  • Powder coated frames
  • Extended finish warranties
  • Continuous interlock for enhanced wind resistance and structural performance
  • Over 20 standing seam colors

For years, Tennessee Valley Metals has been crafting durable commercial awnings canopies for organizations like yours. We aim to help customers showcase their brands with personalized awnings and canopies. You can count on us for exceptional service, from fabrication to installation. Start your next canopy or awning project with a reputable Alabama company today!

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Custom Architectural Aluminum Sunshades

The original purpose of sunshades was to add dimension to a building’s flat surface and improve aesthetics. However, these canopy styles have since evolved to offer more value, including maximizing efficiency and sustainability.

Many Alabama sunshade clients install architectural parasols to prevent direct sunlight from entering through doors and windows. Aluminum extrusion sunshades offer glare control and shade and are non-flammable. These canopies also maintain natural daylight and reduce cooling requirements, making your building more energy-efficient. Recyclability makes aluminum extrusions a more sustainable choice.

Here are the specs of our aluminum sunshades:

  • Typical 2-inch tubular rods or a clevis-rods combination
  • Thin .032-inch flashing
  • Choice of tubing fascia or aluminum gutter
  • Thrust out aluminum alloy 6063, heat-treated to T6 temper
  • Protruded airfoil blades or multi-sized Z louvers
  • Multiple color options, including AAMA 2605, 2604, and 2603 finishes

Custom Aluminum Trellis Structures

Our custom aluminum trellises and structures improve the visual appeal of various commercial settings.

Typically, a metal trellis design consists of evenly spaced panels. We leverage this design to deliver configurations like wrap-around, arched, or corner structures extending from the ground up.

Here are some trellis styles you can choose from: 

Enhance Your Church, School, or Business in Alabama

Quality canopies and metal awnings offer functional benefits beyond shelter and shade. These structures also improve curb appeal and outdoor promotion for your organization. Transform your bland exterior into a welcoming congregation, learning, or commerce space.

Are you looking to revamp your building entrance with a custom metal awning? We’ll design durable shelters for patrons to use and enjoy. Established institutions can also benefit from our expansive shaded spaces for outdoor classrooms, eating areas, and more. We’ve transformed plenty of outdoor spaces with our unique sunshade and walkway covers.

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You want to partner with a dependable Alabama awnings and canopies provider with a trusted reputation. However, finding the right expertise and customization options to match your needs can be difficult. 

Tennessee Valley Metals has offered quality products for over 30 years, serving Alabama and the Southeast. Through it all, we’ve retained our focus on delivering exceptional architectural products and customer service. Are you looking for a metal awning company that puts its customers first? Contact us to discuss your specific canopy design and engineering needs.

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