Custom Aluminum Gabled Canopy System

Tennessee Valley Metals is an industry leader as an aluminum gabled canopy systems manufacturer. We have your commercial canopy needs covered, from the initial design and engineering to the installation of an aluminum custom canopy, overhead cover, awning, or sunshade to suit a wide range of budgets, styles, and buildings.

Reasons to Install Custom Aluminum Gabled Canopies?

Aluminum gabled canopies have several notable features suited for all types of projects. From extruded aluminum shelters that offer overhead supported protection from the rain to glass buildings that need a stylish and practical covering, there are many reasons why a company will want custom canopy systems installed.

Add Value

A beautifully made and quality constructed overhead-supported gabled canopy is an excellent way for your property’s structure and aesthetic to get added value. We spend time engineering your aluminum and metal awnings to work with your existing property’s features, including look and design.

Offer a Protective Weather Cover

An overhead supported canopy is an excellent addition to a building to protect clients or employees from the elements like rain, snow, or sun as they enter or leave the building.

Create Extra Functional Space

Canopy systems not only protect from the elements, but they can also be a great way to create extra space as a seating area. This can add to the value of your property, creating more functional space.

Tennessee Valley Metals – Tough, Durable Quality Products

With over 30 years of experience in the architectural canopies industry, Tennessee Valley Metals provides a wide range of aluminum canopy solutions for construction sites, commercial developers, and other installation projects.

Our custom canopies are made with the highest quality materials, such as steel and extruded aluminum. The materials are not only strong but lightweight, providing contractors with a fast and smooth installation.

Trust in Tennessee Valley Metals Aluminum Gabled Canopy Systems

Tennessee Valley Metals is a leading provider of Aluminum Gabled Canopy Systems or any other canopy or awning you need. We have canopy systems with features that suit all budgets and styles, and every type of building. The Tennessee Valley Metals team can create an aluminum canopy that can match the overall design features of your building, specifications, and create a design that is easily installed on-site. Call us today to see if an aluminum gabled canopy system is the way to go for your business!