Benefits of a Cantilevered Canopy System

Canopies are not just about covering and providing shelter: Choosing the right kind of aluminum canopy can add a stylish twist to your property. Cantilever canopies are fast becoming a popular choice—compared to the standard aluminum canopy system. Here is everything you need to know about the benefits of cantilevered canopy systems. 

What is a Cantilever Canopy?

A cantilever canopy system is known for its unique and distinct style. These aluminum awnings are held up with one row of uprights. These are popular choices for many buildings, as they have one side of supports that manage the canopy load, which rests against a solid concrete foundation. 

Cantilever canopies are different from standard aluminum canopy systems. A standard system has two rows of support, and requires a much larger floor space to install. The additional row of supports can take up valuable space. Traditional canopy systems also differ in structural design; they are not tilted or curved like the cantilever system. 

The Benefits of Installing a Cantilevered Canopy System

There are several reasons to choose a cantilever canopy system over a typical canopy system when deciding what kind to install. We can break down the benefits into the following categories: 

Modern Elegance 

The cantilevered design is sleek and elegant. You can choose between curved or tilted options to suit the aesthetics of your particular property. Cantilevered canopies come in small and large cantilever sizes, which can be custom-fitted to the entrances of your property or along your building’s perimeter. 

One of the many benefits of the system is added floor space: Cantilevers are designed with one side of the support structures; no additional support poles block valuable floor space. The free edge ensures there is open floor space for a cleaner design finish. The finished result of a cantilevered system is a streamlined design that looks great and lasts a lifetime. 

Cost-Effective Excellence 

While it is essential to factor in the initial cost when choosing a canopy system, the long-term benefits are numerous. Since cantilever systems require much larger concrete foundations, such as a sturdy wall, the cantilever beam and support columns typically trend a little more on the expensive side. 

However, the benefits of the installation outweigh the cost for several reasons, including:  


The durability of a cantilever system makes it well worth the investment. With proper care, your cantilevered canopies can last decades. They are made to last with high-grade aluminum. 

Aluminum canopies are robust, and can handle harsh weather without buckling or breaking. With fewer columns and parts to maintain, cantilevered canopies are one of the most cost-effective solutions for long-term use.

Ready to Install

Several ready-to-install solutions are available, which cuts down on installation time. Custom-designed systems can also be installed in a short period of time. To find out more about project duration, it is crucial to contact a qualified Alabama canopy installation company like TVM. 

Application of Cantilevered Canopies

The unique design makes the cantilever canopy system superior compared to other styles for many reasons. For one, they are cleaner and more robust. Additionally, their design flexibility makes them useful for areas that require uninterrupted panoramic views. And by adjusting a few engineering requirements, you can use this system on balconies and ground-level installations as long as there is a strong concrete foundation.

Many site designers and engineers use the cantilever system for a more stylish shade solution for this very reason. Whether your next project requires seamless shade and protection from the elements or something with a little more sophistication, there are cantilevered canopy systems that suit any architectural style. 

Tennessee Valley Metals, A Cantilevered  Canopy Systems Expert

At Tennessee Valley Metals, we have decades of experience designing and fitting custom and ready-to-install cantilevered canopy systems. Our team of engineers and technicians is skilled in the design and installation of each system. Get in touch with us to discuss the most suitable solution for your commercial property!