Advantages of Aluminum Canopies Versus Steel or Fabric

When you start your commercial building project, there will be a few things that you need to consider. The type of materials used is one of the most important considerations; canopies and awnings are no different. Here is a quick guide to why aluminum canopy systems are superior to their steel or fabric counterparts. 

Available Options

When you install custom canopies, you need to select a material that best suits you. You most often have a choice between a metal awning or a fabric-based one. Most commercial properties will have a lot of foot traffic and require a more robust option that lasts longer, so fabric is not the best choice. Canvas awnings can tear and be costly to maintain and keep clean. 

Choosing a quality metal canopy can save you time and effort in the long run. Metal awnings come in two different materials: aluminum and galvanized steel.  It is always best to invest a little more and select the most robust option: aluminum. 

Durable and Robust 

When installing a canopy system, it is essential to remember that installing a robust and durable awning can save you costs in the long run; your upfront costs will be worth the investment. The durability of your canopy shouldn’t be a secondary consideration. You can avoid costly replacements and installations of new awnings by ensuring that you select the suitable material for your canopy. 

Aluminum Vs. Steel 

Most aluminum canopies are coated with a protective layer; they can be easily maintained and are hail resistant. Steel canopies are lightweight and are susceptible to denting and buckling in harsh weather conditions. The coating on aluminum canopies is corrosion-resistant, meaning you won’t need to treat rust with regular maintenance. 

Fabric vs. Metal

Fabric canopies such as canvas or high-grade shade cloth are not as durable as metal. Without regular care and maintenance, the fabric fibers weaken and tear over time. You cannot stand on the fabric to clean it without risking a tear. 

The Price Comparison

Aluminum canopies add value to a property. When installing awnings, aluminum structures require additional support and cost a little more than steel or fabric systems. However, the most crucial factor is the cost of maintenance and replacements. 

Aluminum is an investment into your property; aluminum canopies do not require additional parts, regular or costly replacements. Whether they are in an area with harsh weather exposure or in a relatively mild climate, they are built to last. 

What About the Maintenance?

Maintenance is a significant factor to consider when installing a canopy system. Think about how much work you are willing to do for your canopy to always be in top condition. While installing a canvas or galvanized steel canopy might initially be cost-effective, both require specialized maintenance – whether you need to replace a sheet of steel every year or so or treat your fabric to ensure it doesn’t tear or mold.

Aluminum is an exterior material that can manage long-term exposure to elements with very little maintenance – making aluminum awnings and structures a more permanent solution that can last with little to no care and maintenance. 

The Green Rating

In today’s world, we need to consider the sustainability of a product. By ensuring you purchase a product that does not need to be regularly replaced and is sustainably produced, you can save in the long run. 

  • Aluminum is a green product. As it is a recycled material, it is sustainably produced. Aluminum canopy systems have a long lifespan that requires very little maintenance meaning you won’t need to replace them every few years. 
  • Steel and fabric canopy systems are not as durable or green, as both need care and treatment regularly; they are not sustainable products. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

If you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing and permanent solution for your outdoor space, aluminum is the best choice. Its durability means that you won’t be left with dented and damaged metal caused by exposure to the elements such as heavy hail indentation, wind buckling, and rust. 

Aluminum canopies can be made to suit your aesthetic needs and ensure that your property looks great.

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