Why Do Contractors Prefer Aluminum Canopies Over Steel?

Ever wondered why building contractors prefer aluminum canopies over steel canopies? The benefits that an aluminum canopy provides make it greatly superior to a steel canopy in many aspects. In this article, we will go over just some of the reasons why aluminum should be your material of choice when selecting metal canopy systems. Be sure to check out a few of our case studies to see TVM in action as well! 

Aesthetically Pleasing

The attractive frame of an aluminum canopy complements the extreme efficiency of drainage and protection in a way that steel canopies simply can’t. Apart from the superior aesthetic appeal of an aluminum canopy, it is well understood that aluminum is highly corrosion resistant and does not rust as easily as steel. Walkway canopies require drainage, and part of TVM’s package is to use a gutter system as well. 

Unparalleled Durability         

Aluminum canopy panels are highly durable and have been created for extremely long life spans since they can withstand high amounts of trauma and stress. An architectural canopy is not worth the investment if it cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions. In this regard, aluminum is definitely a better option than steel as a primary building material. Not only does this increased durability equal a long lifespan, it also equals less maintenance when compared to metal. Rain protection is one of the fundamental benefits of a canopy, and choosing a material like aluminum definitely helps here as well.

An Aluminum Canopy is Lighter Than a Steel Canopy

An architect or contractor would prefer a material that is relatively lighter in weight as it helps speed up the construction process for their projects. Keeping this in mind, we have engineered our architectural canopies in such a way that they fulfill this requirement. Building materials like aluminum have the unique property of being light in weight, unlike any other metal, which can be heavy per cubic centimeter. However, this lightness does not equal a compromise in rigidity. Aluminum is still just as strong as any similar metal!

So, why choose aluminum over steel for your canopy?  We hope we’ve helped you have your answer now. At Tennessee Valley Metals, we provide the highest quality aluminum canopies you can find. If you want to get started on a project for your building, contact us to learn more about how Tennessee Valley Metals can provide exactly what you need!