Energy Savings From Aluminum Awnings

During the warm summer months, your energy costs tend to skyrocket. The sun’s rays beat against the windows, heating up the inside of the building and forcing your air conditioner to work harder. Some businesses try to reduce energy costs by tolerating warmer temperatures. But instead of putting up with the heat, lower your energy bill and save energy by installing aluminum awnings on your store windows.

How Exactly Do Aluminum Awnings Lower Your Air Conditioner Costs?

When the sun shines directly on your windows, the inside of the building heats up. This results in higher energy bills during the warmer months. Window awnings cast a shade across the window, reducing the amount of direct sunlight exposure. Since the inside of the building doesn’t reach the same high temperatures, you’ll save money on air conditioning and maintain a comfortable temperature inside. Plus, you’ll make your building more environmentally friendly by installing energy-efficient exterior shades.

What Are the Statistics for Solar Heat Gain?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, nearly 80% of the sunlight that hits windows in the summer enters the building and raises the internal temperature. Modern awnings can reduce heat gain by up to 65% for south-facing windows and nearly 80% for west-facing windows. While some businesses opt for fabric awnings, Tennessee Valley Metals offers aluminum awnings that stand up to rain, wind, hail, sleet, and hours of constant sun exposure.

What if You Incorporate Window Tinting?

For more cost savings, incorporate window tinting into your business. Window tint allows the sunlight to illuminate the inside of your store without filling the building with excess heat. Many businesses combine tinted windows with aluminum awnings to keep the inside of the store as cool and comfortable as possible. Talk to Tennessee Valley Metals for more information on how you can maximize your energy savings.

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