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Sunset Middle School Auditorium


Tennessee Valley Metals, Inc. is happy to announce our newest showcase: a column-supported canopy and two rod-supported canopies for Sunset Middle School’s auditorium. Sunset Middle School is located in beautiful Nolensville, Tennessee.

TVM worked with architect Goodwyn Mills Cawood on the Williamson County Schools-owned project. We used all extruded aluminum for materials, with a 2-coat Kynar finish in TVM-exclusive silver. The TVM-specialized deck style featured an extruded 6” wide flat pan interlock system. Its fascia boasted a 7” tall extruded profile.

As for support, TVM placed the canopy on 4 x 4” columns, along with 4 x 8” and 4 x 10” support beams. All said and done, the project produced a column-supported canopy featuring a radiused front and dual rod-supported canopies.

Our Custom Canopies: The Utmost in Quality

TVM doesn’t shy away from custom canopies. Our canopies provide top level quality, along with protection from weather conditions. Their pre-welded make gives durability, intense strength, and long-lasting use. An attractive design caps off our custom canopies, which brings in benefits for business and more.

Canopies offer plenty of benefits to businesses and organizations, providing coverage that might otherwise go unnoticed. TVM’s custom canopies give much-needed protection for both people and property from the elements.

But that’s not all. Canopies are uniquely poised to improve spaces. For example, canopies create semi-weatherproof spaces that can accommodate people, without the need for obstructive columns or foundations. Plus, canopies provide an eye-catching feature to existing architecture, which can help encourage people to visit, stay for a bit, and enter.

TVM’s canopies utilize 6063 alloy-extruded aluminum because of its malleability in shaping and design, and because it offers the smoothness and strength required for after the fact. Contact our team at 800-551-2579 to start your project.


Materials Extruded aluminum
Finish 2-coat Kynar in TVM-exclusive silver
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