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McEwen Northside

Franklin, TN


A district with plenty of thought behind it, McEwen Northside is an integrated, walkable community in Franklin, Tennessee. The community rests at the heart of Cool Springs, an urban hot spot known for its healthy mix of large businesses and dining venues, from fast food favorites to fine dining.

TVM’s contribution to the well-planned district came in the form of tasteful cantilever canopies fitted into building accent lines. MTLC Building Group took the lead as the general contractor for the project, pairing with the architecture firm 906 Studio.

Tennessee Valley Metals fabricated two custom tapered cantilever canopies for the building, which were integrated into the building’s accent line. The canopies featured all extruded aluminum, including an extruded 6” wide flat pan decking. Powder coated, the finish was done in a defining matte black.

The project’s cantilever canopies offer TVM-exclusive extruded 6” wide flat pan interlock system, along with a 12 x 4” extruded welded fascia.

Tennessee Valley Metals is overjoyed to contribute our work to McEwen Northside and their innovative, state-of-the-art district concept. We hope it adds to the statement the community is making, and provides benefits in both beautification and function. We’re encouraged by the prospect of residents who call McEwen Northside home, and patrons who frequent Cool Springs, enjoying it as they go about their day.

More On Our Custom Canopies

Custom canopies are standard practice at TVM. Not to mention top quality. Our canopies offer high-quality, attractive protection from weather’s elemental whims. Plus, they can come pre-welded, offering the utmost in durability and long-lasting strength.

Canopies boast benefits to businesses and organizations, covering key areas you may have overlooked. As one might think, TVM’s custom canopies provide protection from the elements for people and property.

But that’s just half the story. Canopies also have a unique knack for improving space. For instance, canopies give a shady, weather-proof spot for people to appreciate—without the need for bulky columns or foundation. And, lest we forget, a stylish canopy causes a store or business front to pop, helping draw in potential clientele.

TVM’s canopies utilize 6063 alloy-extruded aluminum because of its malleability in shaping and design—plus the strength and smoothness required for overhead projects. Contact our team at 800-551-2579 to begin yours.


Materials Extruded aluminum
Finish Matte black powder coated
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