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Hartselle High School

Hartselle, AL


TVM worked with Lathan Associates Architect, PC and Dunn Building Company, the general contractor, to replace existing canopies at Hartselle High School with our custom commercial aluminum canopies. We designed our canopy system to match the overall plan designed by Lathan & Associates.

TVM constructed a long barrel canopy of 105’ at the entrance to the High School to make for a more enjoyable experience entering and exiting the building. The curved, barrel-style features a two-tier look. It steps down around the walkway cover’s midpoint. For support, we installed 6”x6” columns with 4”x8” tube beams and 4”x8” drain beams. This canopy lends support without obstructing the view.

The deck style is our TVM-exclusive extruded pan and cap interlock system. For the finish, we used TVM custom silver framing, and for the decking, TVM standard white.

This new walkway cover will provide modernized shelter from the elements that is both appealing to the eye and purposefully functional for teachers, students, and parents as they go back and forth between the school building and the parking lot. We’re glad we could be a part of this project to help make the learning and teaching experience even more enjoyable for the Hartselle community.

What Separates TVM from the Rest

What separates TVM from other canopy companies is our three-part dedication to getting the job done: timeliness, quality, and relationships. We know how frustrating it can be to have your deadlines ignored, to end up with low-quality results, and feel like you’re just another customer.

We’re honest about our timelines and always do our best to stick to a realistic timetable. Our custom products are made from the highest quality extruded aluminum and are built to last. And before we get started, we get to know you, our client, to ensure we meet your wants and your needs.

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Deck Style TVM-exclusive pan and cap interlock system
Finish TVM custom silver framing
Decking TVM standard white
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