Material Only Kits

Our material-only option is a great solution for business owners wanting to take a DIY route.

No matter where in the United States you are, we provide custom architectural canopy solutions for you and your business. Just like every commercial project is unique, so are our canopies. Tennessee Valley Metals’ goal is to work closely with clients to create a custom canopy solution that lines up with their needs and specifications.

The beginning of the project entails the client working with our design department to create a drawing that displays their desired look. Once the drawings are engineered and approved, the custom canopy is built in our shop and carefully shipped along with the necessary cut-to-length materials and hardware to your location. After the canopy’s arrival, we will supply you with the detailed instructions needed to complete your project. Because our goal is great customer service, we provide experienced telephone support to assist with the installation of your custom canopy.

Beginning the Material-Only Process

Our process includes a consultation about your project’s custom needs, sealed engineered drawings that are up to local codes, and shipping to your warehouse or job-site.

Contact our material-only department today to discuss options for your custom project.  

TVM Rod Supported Canopy Assembly and Installation Instructions
TVM Column Supported Canopy (4×4 columns without beams) Assembly & Install Instructions