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1.01 Related Documents

  • A. Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 Specification Sections, shall apply to work specified in this section.

1.02 General Description of Work
  • A. Work in this section shall include design, fabrication and installation of a complete aluminum sunshade system in accordance with the drawings and this specification.

1.03 References
  • A. Aluminum Design Manual 2000, Specifications & Guidelines for Aluminum Structures.
  • B. ASCE 7, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.
  • C. American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)
  • D. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

1.04 Related Sections
  • A. Concrete Work - Section 03300
  • B. Masonry Work - Section 04200
  • C. Miscellaneous Metals - Section 05500
  • D. Flashing and Sheet Metal - Section 07600
  • E. Sealants - Section 07900

1.05 Submittals
  • A. Product Data: Submit manufacturer's product information, specifications and installation instructions for components and accessories.
  • B. Shop Drawings: Submit complete erection drawings showing attachment system, column and gutter beam framing, transverse cross sections, covering and trim details, and optional installation details to clearly indicate proper assembly of components, sealed by a State Registered Structural Engineer in the state in which the work is being performed.
  • C. Calculations: Submit complete structural design calculation sealed by State Registered Structural Engineer registered in the state in which the work is being performed.
  • D. Design and engineering of canopy footings and attachment surfaces are not covered in this specification and scope of work.

1.06 Quality Assurance
  • A. Codes and standards: Comply with provisions of the following except as otherwise indicated: Standard building code, latest addition with amendments, if any. AWS (American Welding Society) standards for structural aluminum welding.
  • B. Manufacturer: Obtain aluminum covered walkway system from only one (1) manufacturer, although several may be indicated as offering products complying with requirements
  • C. Installer Qualifications: Firm with not less than three (10) years experience in installation of aluminum walkway covers of type, quantity and installation methods similar to work of this section.
  • D. Field Measurements: Take field measurements prior to preparation of shop drawings and fabrication where possible, to insure proper fitting of work.
  • E. Coordination: Coordinate work of this section with work of other sections which interface with covered walkway system (sidewalk, curbs, building fascias, etc.).

1.07 Warranty
  • A. Provide manufactures standard one-year warranty that shall include, but not limited to, coverage for structural, water tightness and finish beginning the day of Substantial Completion of Installation.


2.01 Manufacturers
  • A. Contract documents are based on products manufactured by:
    1. Tennessee Valley Metals, Inc.
    2. 190 Industrial Park Road, Oneonta, AL 35121
    3. 205.274.9500, fax 205.274.9501
    4. 800.551.2579,
    5. sales@tvmetals.com , www.tvmetals.com
  • B. Interested manufacturers will be considered for substitution only when the following conditions are met:
    1. Complete details, including connections and structural calculations showing loads applied in accordance with the specification, must be submitted to the architect for review.
    2. Submit complete details with structural properties (moment of inertia, section modules, modules of elasticity, etc.) for all proposed sections (bents, columns, decking and other structural members).

2.02 Material
  • A. Aluminum Extrusions: All sections shall be extruded aluminum 6063 alloy, heat treated to T-6 temper.
  • B. Finishes: For factory baked enamel finish, specify AAMA 603.8 standard or custom color.
  1. For fluoropolymer (Kynar) finish, AAMA 605.2, two or three coats.
  2. For satin anodized finish, specify 204.R1 meeting Aluminum Association specification AA-M-10C-22A21.

2.03 Components
  • A. Supports: Aluminum plates or tubing of size and shape as indicated on drawings. (Rod and clevis is available as an option.)
  • B. Deck: Deck shall be extruded aluminum airfoil blades or "Z" louvers of size as indicated on drawings. (Tubular shapes are available as an option).
  • C. Fascia: Fascia shall be extruded aluminum gutter or tubing. Size as indicated on drawings.
  • D. Flashing: Flashing shall be .032" aluminum (min.). All thru-wall flashing is completed by others.

2.04 Fabrication
  • A. Deck Construction: Deck shall be manufactured of extruded material.


3.01 Preparation
  • A. Erection shall be performed after all concrete, masonry, and roofing work in the vicinity is complete and cleaned.

3.02 Cleaning
  • A. All protective cover components shall be cleaned promptly after installation.

3.03 Protection
  • A. Extreme care shall be taken to protect materials during and after installation.